Safety Instructions

At Baby Cloud, safety is our top priority. Our products are handmade from 100% organic cotton, ensuring that they are both gentle and soft against your baby's delicate skin. The Baby Cloud provides a cozy space for your baby to play, sit, crawl, or nap, while you keep a watchful eye.

To ensure your baby's safety, please follow these guidelines:

  • Never leave your baby unattended in the Baby Cloud.
  • The Baby Cloud is not designed for overnight sleeping. Always place your baby in a crib with a firm and flat mattress for sleeping.
  • The Baby Cloud should be set up on a flat surface, and avoid placing it on the sofa or other unstable surfaces.
  • Be mindful of your baby's temperature while in the Baby Cloud, as overheating can be dangerous.
  • If your baby is learning to sit, ensure that there is a soft surface behind them in case of falls.
  • Remember, never leave your baby unsupervised, and the safest place for your baby to be alone for a few minutes is their crib.

At Baby Cloud, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and comfortable environment for your little ones to explore and rest. Please keep these guidelines in mind to prevent any accidents and ensure that your baby's experience with the Baby Cloud is nothing but enjoyable.